Should you optimize your site even if your site is running well? The short and simple answer is yes.

I had a friend I talked to recently who said that his host was causing him problems and that it was their fault his site was always slow. I considered this and agreed that it was a possibility, however, as always, I recommended he try optimizing his site.

His response was that his site was running great before and that he hadn’t changed anything. His reasoning was that, if he hadn’t changed anything, then it must be the host’s problem.

The problem is that, regardless of whether he had changed anything or not, databases are constantly being updated, external sites and/or images, which are linked, may be causing extra problems, and little changes are going on in the background all the time.

Secondly, I reasoned that, even if he hadn’t changed anything, it would not hurt, but could only help, to work on optimizing his sites.

So I helped him through the process and, to his surprise, his site began to run more quickly. It’s running well now and I think I have converted another person to the importance of some basic site optimization.

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