Some say that their Contact Form-7 plugin won’t work on BlueHost, but it actually will work if setup properly. Here’s how to fix your Contact Form-7 to Work with BlueHost.

There are two rules:
1) You MUST use an email address that exists in your “Email Accounts” icon in your cPanel. If you didn’t create the email address in your cPanel, it won’t work. (Note that, even if BlueHost isn’t handling your mail/MX, this will still work as long as you create the email address in the Email Accounts icon)

2) You MUST specify the above-mentioned email address in your FROM header in the “Message body” section of Contact Form 7.

By default, the setting is:

FROM:  [your-name] (your-email)

Setup an email account in your cPanel, and then replace [your-name] (your-email) with any name you desire, and the email address you have created.

In the image below, notice how I set my From to be:

From: Eddy <>

How to setup Contact Form 7 to work on BlueHost
As long as your From uses a valid email address which exists in the Email Accounts icon in your cPanel, then your form should work properly.

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