Bluehost, as of the time of this post, already has a version of wp-cli, called wpcli. As an example, try running: wpcli theme status

However, this version is limited and you may find that you need more features from wp-cli. For this, you’d want to install your own version. Here’s how to proceed.

#Change to your bin directory.

cd ~/bin

#Then get wp-cli:

curl -L > wp-cli.phar

#Run the following next to allow you to use the command `wp`:

echo “alias wp=’php-cli ~/bin/wp-cli.phar'” >>~/.bashrc

#This command will let our .bashrc file start working in the current terminal connection:

source ~/.bashrc


That’s it. You should be able to use wp-cli with the `wp` command now. Try it out:

cd ~/public_html/
wp –info

You can use `wp –help` for more information on what commands you can run with it.

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