I am going to take a bit of a leap and discuss something a little different than WordPress today, although it still does have a great deal to do with WordPress.

WordPress has a great community! It’s big, and it’s fun, and the members therein are awesome. So I hope some of them will be a bit more awesome and contribute to helping Japan.

Japan was struck by an tsunami from an 8.9 earthquake, followed by a series of other quakes, and more flooding. I’m sure you are aware of this … f you are not, just Google it.

The following shows some Before and After shots of Japan: http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/japan-quake-2011/beforeafter.htm

Arahama in Sendai Before

Arahama in Sendai After

You can help!

You can donate to the Red Cross, or you can donate a number of other ways, depending on what works best for you, or where you are located at. The following lists many more ways: The Guardian – Helping Japan

Or, if you really want something cool to show you care, and want to donate at the same time, buy a t-shirt, hoodie, or mug or something like that.

They may never know who specifically has helped them, but you will know that you did.

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