Simple Database Optimization

I decided to take some information I found and share it as I thought it was a very simple approach to something that many people could use. It seems that people these days have database problems all the time and rarely know what to do about it or, even if they know there are problems, […]

Problems Deleting Old Posts or Pages

The issue of being unable to delete old posts or pages appears to have been getting better and few are still having problems with it, so hopefully you’re not one of them. Nevertheless, if you have problems, cross your fingers because this problem can be difficult to narrow down. It tends to be, most commonly, […]

What to do When WordPress Changes Don’t Appear

If you are making changes to your WordPress site but not seeing them online, there are several things which could be causing it and which ought to be looked into. First, and foremost, simply try clearing your browser’s cache. See: Clear Cache For Your Specific Browser If you don’t want to clear your cache just […]

Fixing WordPress Plugin Problems

Sometimes your site starts having problems and you know it is a plugin causing it. Other times it starts having problems and, since you haven’t changed anything, or maybe you even did change something, just just don’t know what is causing it. Plugins are the single most common culprit. The first thing to check is […]

WordPress Database Backups Too Large to Work With

A quick gander of the WordPress forums will easily show that there are many people who wish they had a backup of their database but did not. How to schedule database backups is discussed here. Another problem, however, is the size of the database backups. Making sure to have a few separately-dated backups to revert […]

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