Hope For Japan – How to Help

I am going to take a bit of a leap and discuss something a little different than WordPress today, although it still does have a great deal to do with WordPress. WordPress has a great community! It’s big, and it’s fun, and the members therein are awesome. So I hope some of them will be […]

Simple Database Optimization

I decided to take some information I found and share it as I thought it was a very simple approach to something that many people could use. It seems that people these days have database problems all the time and rarely know what to do about it or, even if they know there are problems, […]

Can I/Should I Optimize My Site?

Should you optimize your site even if your site is running well? The short and simple answer is yes. I had a friend I talked to recently who said that his host was causing him problems and that it was their fault his site was always slow. I considered this and agreed that it was […]

WordCamp – Will it Blend?

Tom Dickson from Will it Blend came to WordCamp. The whole event was fun, but I’m sitting here right now as he talks and is preparing to blend … something! I can’t wait! Tom asked: “How many of you have not seen a ‘Will it Blend?’” Two hands went up. He replied. “Good for you! […]

Decrypting Footers base64

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