Migrating WordPress to a New Location

-The simple version. 1) In the current installation go to Tools -> Export, and export an XML copy of your WordPress Database. 2) In the current installation Download your wp-content folder. 3) In the cPanel use Simple Scripts to install WordPress. See: http://tutorials.bluehost.com/wordpress/ 4) In the newly made installation go to Tools -> Import, and […]

BlueHost and a fantastic CPU breakthrough

Matt Heaton (CEO of BlueHost) has recently released information that I find absolutely fantastic! Users will no longer have to worry that someone else’s CPU problems are taking their site down, as each site will be judged independently, and yet be allowed to function at an even greater capacity. You can read the original article […]


This site is intended to be a site I manage for fun, not because I have to or because I feel overly inclined to help people. I will deal primarily with WordPress and Bluehost because I use them both. I will accept praise for either one, but will not accept comments primarily to chew out […]

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