How to Install wp-cli on Bluehost

Bluehost, as of the time of this post, already has a version of wp-cli, called wpcli. As an example, try running: wpcli theme status However, this version is limited and you may find that you need more features from wp-cli. For this, you’d want to install your own version. Here’s how to proceed. #Change to […]

BlueHost Adds VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Okay… So they haven’t added it yet, as of this post, but I just came across this fancy page which shows that they are going to add it: If you register in advance there’s a price reduction bonus. We don’t know much other than what’s on that page there, but they say to expect […]

How to Make Contact Form 7 Work on BlueHost

Some say that their Contact Form-7 plugin won’t work on BlueHost, but it actually will work if setup properly. Here’s how to fix your Contact Form-7 to Work with BlueHost. There are two rules: 1) You MUST use an email address that exists in your “Email Accounts” icon in your cPanel. If you didn’t create […]

BlueHost Increases Domain Registry Cost

BlueHost recently increased domain pricing from their long-standing $10.00 per domain up to $11.95 for all domain registrations and renewals. As much as this is bad for us, as customers, it is also bad for them  (Or FastDomain, their registrar). As a registrar, the cost per domain from the registry increases steadily each year–in fact, […]

BlueHost’s New Reseller Features

Ever wanted to have your own hosting company and just run WordPress sites for your customers, or let them run their own WordPress sites? BlueHost recently launched a new Reseller program. For all those who may want to know the details, here they are, hot off the press: Current Packages: ————————– Sky Blue $19.95/month ($239.40/year), […]

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